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From Raul Panganiban of ValueWalk conducted the interview in New York City Wednesday, September 6, 2017 with the two star investors, educators and co-authors of the new book Pitch the Perfect Investment. Raul really enjoyed this interview and opined:

This is an excellent podcast with Paul Sonkin and Paul Johnson, authors of Pitch the Perfect Investment to be released by John Wiley on September 12, 2017. If you ever wondered what it takes to be a security analyst, this book provides the road map to follow. 

In a nutshell this book and podcast is about how to get a job as an analyst and ace an interview. This book is primarily aimed at undergrad or MBA students who are pitching a stock for a job interview or stock pitch competition or recent grads (either from college or grad school) who are new to the job. Pitch the Perfect Investment provides a structure not only for highly-motivated equity investors but also for investors in other asset classes like debt, real estate, private equity and venture capital.

When I spoke to Paul S. about this book a few months ago, I agreed that pitching was a vital topic which has not really been covered. I think their book has done a good job at providing a rigorous framework for the enterprising investor. 

Check out their book on Amazon. It is an excellent read and is perfect for all levels of investors.
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