Pitch the Perfect Investment scored two new assists in helping Columbia MBA students Laurent Liu, K.Y. Wong, and Mingming Wu with their win at the 12th Annual Pershing Square Challenge and Alvaro Pasquin with his win at the 3rd Annual Artisan International Value Stock Pitch Challenge.

K.Y. Wong, in discussing how Pitch the Perfect Investment helped his group win the Pershing Square Challenge, said,

 “There are many books on how to analyze a stock. But that is only part of an analyst’s job. Analysts generate alpha only when portfolio managers are convinced to adopt their ideas. That’s why pitching is a core skill. Pitch the Perfect Investment is the best book on stock-pitching and has been my Bible since day 1 at Columbia Business School. The techniques in the book have enabled me to win two stock-pitch competitions and receive multiple job offers. I will continue to keep this book as my weapon throughout my investment career.”

Alvero Pasquin, in discussing how Pitch the Perfect Investment helped him win the Artisan International Value Stock Pitch Challenge, said,

Pitch the Perfect Investment was crucial in my winning the Artisan Challenge. It helped me to do better analysis and focus on why the opportunity had presented itself. The book also helped me articulate why I was right and showed me how to be concise and specific when pitching the idea to convey the message in the most effective way. Pitch the Perfect Investment is definitely a must read for anyone starting out or in their first years in the investment business.”

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